What is A Trichologist?

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Hair loss, hair health, dandruff, dry hair, overly oily hair, these are all common problems that people complain about. Many of our clients come to us with issues like these looking for solutions because Angela of Angel’s Eyes is a certified trichologist. Trichology has been around formally since at least 1902 when the Institute of Trichologists was founded.

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A trichologist is a professional that is certified to deal with scalp related issues. Naturally, because hair grows out of the scalp, trichologists are often well equipped to help clients deal with many of the hair-related issues that plague them such as hair loss or dry hair and breakage.

Trichology isn’t just about the scalp though, it’s about knowing how all things interact with the scalp and the hair. Not everyone’s scalp is the same and not all areas of the scalp are the same. On its own, this is enough of a problem if you’re exhibiting scalp and hair issues. It can be even more complicated when you consider that products can hurt or help the issue. Many people use products and methods of grooming that are completely unsuitable to their scalp and hair. For example, there are those who have a very dry scalp and as a result, dry hair due to low sebum oil production and they shampoo every day!

Even if they reduced the number of times they shampoo every week, they’d still have issues with dryness because there is a good chance that the shampoo they are using is too harsh for their scalp. All shampoos are harsh to some extent because their job is to strip dirt and products out of your hair. That means using a shampoo that is strong will not only strip your hair of sweat and product but it’s also going to remove any essential oils away too.

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Trichology is also very important in the African American community. Traditionally, Black hair care needs have been underserviced in the beauty and hair care industry. A big reason for this is because African American hair is unique, and caring for it requires a different touch.

This is a big reason why many black-owned salons have a large clientele of African American customers. There are many treatments and techniques that are unique or more popular in black salons such as silk presses’ and hydration treatments. Hydration treatments are a big one because many black consumers use products off of the shelf in drugstores and supermarkets that simply are not formulated for their unique hair care needs.

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At Angel’s Eyes of Beauty, we serve anyone and everyone who needs hair care services. We are especially sensitive to the needs of the African American community. We offer expert scalp analysis, natural hair services, chemical services such as relaxers, and much more.

When you come to Angel’s Eyes of Beauty, you’re not just getting a full package of hair treatment services. We also offer our professional consultation on which products are best for your scalp and hair needs.

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