Black Owned Salon Angel’s Eyes Celebrating 25 years of Healthy Hair

Angel’s Eyes of Beauty Birthday

Greetings friends, October is a very special month for Angel’s Eyes of Beauty. 25 years ago I started this journey of providing haircare and scalp treatments to the community I love. I have enjoyed the company of many friends and family along the way. I feel blessed by God to have had the opportunity to start this business and I feel equally blessed to be in business 25 years later.

When I started Angel’s Eyes of Beauty, I wanted to help my customers have a healthier scalp, as well as healthier hair. For that, I became a licensed trichologist so that I could help my community deal with common issues such as hairloss which—for women especially, is very stressful as we are very attached to our hair. Everyone wants to feel beautiful, and through the grace of God I have been able to help my customers look their best for weddings, for birthdays, for parties, or just for the sake of it.

Additionally, as of the 12th of October, I will turn 50 years old. I am grateful to be here and have a great community to be a part of. Angel’s Eyes of Beauty has been my mission for over half of my life at this point and I do not regret it one bit. To see my customers—some of which who have been with me since the very beginning, is my favorite part of the day.

Angel’s Eyes of Beauty was my way of giving back to my community who has given so much to me. Words cannot express how blessed I feel to do what I love and be able to share that with my daughter Tangela, who has been my rock for over 17 years. Without her, Angel’s Eyes of Beauty would not be what it is today—a place where our customers can come get the best scalp and haircare they can get, all in a black owned salon and loving, Christian atmosphere.

Black Owned Salon In Delray Beach

We have been in business for 25 years, and we plan on being in business for at least another 25! If you are experiencing hair loss or would like a consultation about restoring your hair to be the healthiest it can be, call us at 561-278-0361 or visit us here! We are confident we can help anyone with their haircare needs!

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