Should You Get a Chemical Relaxer or a Silk Press?

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There are many, many ways to style your hair from the way you cut it to the products you put in it, including chemical straightening. While people are not perming their hair to be curly nearly as much these days as compared to say, the 1980s, straightening your hair is still as popular as ever—especially in black owned salons such as Angel’s Eyes of Beauty.

Why do People Straighten Their Hair?

The first documented hair relaxer was invented in 1909 who found the solution by mistake when trying to invent a solution to ease friction of the sewing machine he had in his shop. The man who discovered the cream was an African American named Garrett Augustus Morgan. Garrett established the Morgan Hair Refining Company and marketed the product towards black and/or mixed people.

At Angel’s Eyes of Beauty, we believe that all hair types are beautiful. Whether you choose to stay natural or get your hair fixed up with a chemical straightener is your personal choice. Whichever one you choose, we can make sure that your hair and scalp stay as hydrated and healthy as possible so that you can achieve your best looks.

Chemical Straightening for Hair

Chemical straighteners (also known as hair relaxers) are a chemical solution that typically comes as lye or no lye. Many people are alarmed at the fact that these relaxers contain lye—a known dangerous substance if you accidentally consume it. When using a lye based relaxer, always be careful. Some relaxer brands do not use lye, but they still contain similar potent chemicals.

Chemicals such as lye can cause chemical burns on the scalp or worse if ingested. However, remember that people have been using lye relaxers for DECADES now and they can be used safely as long as a professional does it. At Angel’s Eyes of Beauty, we have performed many chemical relaxing services for our friends, family, and customers with no burns and only results!

The benefit to using strong chemical relaxers is that they truly can straighten your hair out permanently and keep it that way until the new growth becomes too long.

Silk Press Chemical Straightening

A silk press is a nickname given to a professional flat-iron treatment to straighten hair. Originally, the press and curl was used to straighten out hair using a hot comb and rollers. With a silk press, the hair can be straightened out beforehand with a blowdryer to so that your stylist can use less heat with the flat iron. This style can last up to three weeks so long as your hair is not wet in any way.

Hair Relaxer or Silk Press?

Both can do wonders to straighten hair and give it movement. Chemical relaxers are more convenient in that they last longer and they are water proof which means less time worrying about the weather or putting a cap on in the shower!

Silk Press is the better option if you are worried about using chemicals or want to keep your hair natural. The benefit to the Silk Press is that you can enjoy a straight hairstyle with no heat damage and still go back to your natural hair after.

Black Owned Hair Salon Delray Beach

Visit Angel’s Eyes of Beauty for a top notch hair styling experience. Whether you want to keep your hair natural or get it straightened, we can help you achieve a look that you are satisfied with and can’t wait to show off to your friends! Contact us today or book an appointment online!

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    Olivia Smart says:

    Thank you for explaining that a relaxer will last longer than a silk press. My friend has been saying that she’s thinking about getting a hair relaxer done on her hair and I’ve just been wondering why she would choose that over a silk press. It makes more sense reading about the longevity of it why she would choose a relaxer.

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