5 Ways to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized

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Now, more than ever are many people deciding to go the natural route with their hairstyle and look. Natural hair is a term that has been popular in the black community, but if you haven’t heard it generally refers to not using chemical treatments to artificially straighten hair or use heat methods to straight hair. As a black owned salon, we often get questions about how to keep natural hair healthy. For us, as a salon with a licensed trichologist on board, it’s a combination of proper scalp care and hair care.

What’s So Bad About Curly or Kinky Hair?

Nothing! But for much of recent history, those of us with beautiful curly locks or kinky hair have been told that it is more preferable and attractive to have straight hair. Of course, that’s silly, but when a lot of models, actresses and such have long, silky straight hair, you begin to develop a love/hate relationship with your hair straightener.

Thankfully, many people are embracing their curls and feeling confident about their look. The only problem is that curly haired folk have a different set of challenges when trying to keep their locks moisturized.

Keeping Curly Hair Moisturized

Straight hair is easier to keep healthy because the straight patterns makes it fairly easy to wear an acceptable look with less effort.

Curly hair is a different story, anyone who has a head of curly hair knows it’s a different thing from one day to the next. One day you can be having the best hair day ever with perfectly defined curls to the next where your entire head is a frizzy mess!

Here’s a few ways to keep your natural hair moisturized:

1 – Don’t Use Heat Treatments

This should go without saying but…blow drying, pressing, flat-ironing, or other heat related treatments will greatly diminish your ability to keep your hair moisturized. Not only this, but it is very difficult to avoid causing heat damage to your hair over time which will permanently make the hair rougher and coarse. Serums and oils can be used to prevent the hair from being too damaged, but that leads us to our next point.

2 – Refrain from Using Heavy Products

A great way to keep hair moisturized is to do what is called “sealing”, which means when your hair is clean and wet, you can place an oil-based product over it and let it air dry. This will allow the product to keep the moisture in. However, using products like this is going to require more frequent shampooing otherwise you will have too much product buildup which can actually prevent any moisture from getting in.

3 – Use Water Based Products

Through the miracles of product and chemical technologies, many water-based products have great consistency nowadays. Through using water-based products to sealing moisture inside your curls, and shampooing every 5-7 days you can achieve a great balance of not weighing your hair down with too much product, as well as keeping it clean without over-shampooing it. If you do use oil, understand that you should cut 1-2 days off of your shampoo cycle to compensate for the extra product weight.

4 – Try to Use a Silk or Satin Pillow Cover

Cotton can be very unforgiving on hair. Not only does it get increasingly frayed and rougher, which is bad for your texture. But the constant tossing and turning at night can severely wick moisture from your hair.

5 – Trim Your Hair Regularly

It’s difficult to length out of curly hair, it can take 3-4x as long to achieve a shoulder length style as compared to our straight-haired sisters and brothers. Whether you’re growing hair out or maintaining it, keep it trimmed. Curly hair is very prone to breakage at the points in the hair where the hair changes direction. It is very important to keep split ends to a minimum as curly haired people experience more breakage than straight haired folk.

Natural Hair Salon Delray Beach

Angel’s Eyes of Beauty is a black owned salon in Delray Beach FL that specializes in dealing with all manner of scalp conditions that relate to hair care. A licensed trichologist, Angela Williams and her daughter Tangela have serviced the Delray Beach community for a total of 25+ years. In that time, Angel’s Eyes has grown to become one of the most reliable and experienced salons in the area for natural hair care and scalp health.

Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment!

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